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Rangiroa the films of M. night Shyamalan! VOTING

M. night Shyamalan is a unique person. Some consider him a genius, others a man, profukali given to him by God talent. Movies Shyamalan is always a subject of heated debate, although sometimes quite difficult to understand whether the Director and screenwriter have created some frankly mediocre, or just some of his work are held hostage to the success of others, beloved? Here and now running in the hour Glass have many causes gnashing of teeth, but is it because simply that from the Creator of “split” and “Unbreakable” were waiting for some other continue these two movies than M. night eventually removed?

Try to place all points over i in a question: what kind of movies Shyamalan is really good, and what is a complete failure? In our new polls not only to vote “for” any number of movies, but you can also vote “against” this for the first time, as an experiment, which in theory will help us to better understand in the end the view of the audience, that is YOUR opinion.

PS: To the list, we deliberately did not include the first, still Amateur work of the Director, because they are rarely seen, and shot they were in the genres of Comedy and drama that is infinitely far away from the subject Areas of Horror.

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