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Ranepa: over 20 million Russians by 2030 faces dismissal for robotics

РАНХиГС: свыше 20 млн россиян уже к 2030 году грозит увольнение из-за роботизации

Order 20.1 million, or approximately 45.5 percent of all workers in Russia to 2030 may be at risk of losing current employment because of digitization and automation, and these are only officially employed Russians. Write about this “Izvestia” with reference to the research of Ranepa. Not to remain unemployed, have to relearn and gain new employment skills.

The study calls a profession where the risks of job loss due to robotics is particularly large. For example, experts believe that robots will take over the bulk of the work in the hotel and restaurant business, where they can stay without seats about 73% of employees. In the retail trade may be released 53% of jobs.

Not at less risk, and employed in the manufacturing sector: for example, in the manufacturing sector in 10 years robots can replace 6 out of 10 workers, about the same in agriculture, half of the jobs robots will be able to take in the field of mining.

The author, head of the laboratory of the research enterprise Ranepa Stepan Zemtsov emphasizes that it is only exposure to automation. Not the fact that robots really will come and replace people. However, the study reflects the potential of such replacement. Consequently, many workers will have to think about how to retrain and change their functional competence.

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