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Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the parody of Michael Galustyan themselves, a frame from the video

Last weekend, 27 November, was shown a special edition of the WHC in honor of the 55th anniversary of the legendary transmission. To congratulate the host of “KVN” Alexander Maslyakov came one of the main stars of the show, the actor Michael Galustyan. He performed a parody of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

Immediately after the broadcast, many began to discuss a bold parody of Michael. Some began to worry about the health and life of the actor, while others noted that the leader of the team “Burnt by the sun” is accustomed to the role.

A frame from the video

Soon followed a review by the head of the Chechen Republic. In Instagram Kadyrov wrote that parody he liked it, especially the accent, which Galustyan turned out wonderfully. According to Kadyrov, he laughed heartily.

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“I was invited to the anniversary of Alexander Maslyakov. Thought to personally congratulate. But the business service… And then found out that being absent, be present! We with Mikhail Galustian spent two rehearsals, picked up all the gear, learned two or three of the gesture… With the accent, everything was just OK! In this case, he’s the master! Told him not to force the viewer to strain, trying to see who parodies! (Shuchyu!) It turned out great! Maslyakov was looking at the stage of Ramzan, until I saw Mikhail Galustyan, wiping his palm on his Trouser leg!)))) Don’t know how you took it, but I laughed heartily! Whoever invented Galustyan was brief, meaningful, concise, and Paradice! Thank you!” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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The head of Chechnya, spoke about the prank Galustyan on elections in the United States: “And yet… Serious, funny! Or Vice versa! About elections in the USA written a lot of articles. Everyone is trying to say something. A lot of words and thoughts there! Mikhail Galustyan two or three phrases gave them an accurate estimate. Funnier situation than U.S. elections, and can not be, says he! And pokemon said is true! Don’t know what kind of insects, but in Chechnya they certainly not found! And all Chicam want money and cars! Otherwise shyutka with them will be bad” — with humor Kadyrov wrote.

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