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RAMBO 5 gets official title

According to the magazine The Hollywood Reporter, production of the fifth film in the cult series has already started, and will be released he called Rambo 5: Last Blood. Although the figure is likely to eventually drop out, because of the previous tape it was not. In any case, the perfect title, as for me! It seems that the creators are going to deliver beautiful and natural point in the adventures of old John Rambo.

In the fifth part of the old man Rambo running on a remote ranch, but is forced to remember the past, when the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped by Mexican drug dealers. Now John Rambo is going to fight against all the power of the powerful and brutal cartel…

In addition, it is reported that caste paintings joined Spanish beauty, winner of the award “Goya” Paz VEGA, known for the films “sex and Lucia” and “the lark farm”. The actress will play a character named Carmen, Delgago, a reporter who writes about the drug trade in Mexico. Her half-sister is kidnapped, then the woman has to ask for help from an old Vietnam vet, whose role will perform constant Sylvester Stallone.

In the Director’s chair — Adrian Grunberg, the Director of the excellent Thriller “to Catch a gringo,” published under the godless localized name “”Fun” vacation”. Yeah, still was hot…

For the script responsible Matthew Siryulnik, who wrote the Thriller “Pay the price”, and sly himself.

Shooting “Rambo 5: Last blood” will be deployed in Bulgaria and Spain. The premiere is scheduled for 2019.


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