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Rainbow Six Siege is thoroughly processed in terms of physics

Rainbow Six Siege основательно переработают в плане физикиDevelopers don’t like the current shooting system in the game.

The player in Rainbow Six Siege under the name ExecCS found in a shooter unpleasant drawback — when you are playing return the center marker of the sight of the weapon shifted. Because of this, between the position marker and the final point of contact there is a discrepancy, and although in some cases it’s minor, sometimes it becomes essential.

Therefore, the developers decided to abandon completely offset by changes in the functioning of all types of weapons. The recoil system in Siege works in such a way that the first bullet hits the target and subsequent engine selects a random point within the boundaries of the field of diamond-shaped pieces. Such unpredictable variation “is not consistent with the idea of” creators.

Now the shooter will be a multi-step returns. “For the first bullet, will change nothing: it will fly there, where the player aimed, explains Ubisoft. On the second flight will affect only the measure of the displacement of the barrel to the left or right. Thus, the vectors of the flight of all bullets going to depend on each other.”

Due to this, random numbers will have on the system less influence, and the game will be a more accurate diagram of the scattering. In the future, the authors want to ensure that players didn’t feel like he made a good shot just because of the happy coincidence. All of the above can be tested on test servers, Siege, and other details are published on the website of shooter.

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