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Railway history of our country. Video

Железнодорожная история нашей страны. ВидеоTrain dress code: sweatpants or shorts, sneakers and tank top.

Lift for an hour and a half to the station, the mattress only for those who bought a bed which was the dress code in the dining car and to break stop-the crane – the romance long distance.

Any trip by train does not begin with greetings of the conductor and not even packing suitcases. You first need to purchase a ticket. Now, in the era of digital technology, make it pretty easy. Previously, it was a whole ceremony. Especially if you go to sea in the holiday period.

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First, it was necessary to defend the long queue at the cashier. Hereinafter, the conversation with a harsh cashier. Without the phrase “I” to count for something was useless.

The trip to the restaurant in those days – event itself. Well, the restaurant on wheels is a double celebration. Dining cars were all long-distance trains. Fun it was not cheap, but often it was possible to try something that was not on the shelves.

And if to go to a regular restaurant wore the best clothes, in dining cars and in trains was dominated by a different style. Train dress code: sweatpants or shorts, sneakers and tank top. Men, as a rule, dressed up, do not hesitate.

Women asked everyone to leave. More modest was preparing for a trip to the toilet. And soon the train started – the cars spread a characteristic odor. The trip was not a trip if you went without food.

Alcohol on trains always drank. They drank everything – passengers, and conductors. Drank everything from beer to alcohol. Drinking at any time, in summer and winter. Drank everywhere – in the compartment, and in the lobbies. Over a glass and time is running faster and the conversation is getting better.

In the mass consciousness entrenched the classic image of the conductor: boorish, dirty and, to put it mildly, not very intelligent man. This, of course, not an excuse, but you need to understand the conditions in which work the guides.

And often, the conductors create a stressful situation for passengers. For example, awaken a half hour before you need the station. Or cause passengers to assemble the bed and bring it in a compartment of the conductor. Although really they should do it on their own.

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