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RAGE 2 is not deep plot

В RAGE 2 не будет глубокого сюжетаMay 14, RAGE 2 will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Before the release of RAGE 2 there are only a couple of weeks, but we still know little about its plot. And the thing is that it is not so much. Director of RAGE 2 Nedfors Magnus (Magnus Nedfors) said in a recent interview that it’s not Red Dead Redemption 2 – how the majority of games Avalanche Studios, the project will focus on action and freedom, not the plot.

“I’m not going to sit here and say that a deep story is why you should play RAGE 2. This action. But we’re trying to tell a little story with the interaction with characters you meet, and the environment. That’s what we want to promote more and more, ‘ said Magnus Nedfors. – There are many good story games for which the open world is in second place, but their mistake is that they are trying to tell a linear story. Then you can’t give the player freedom. I think the whole industry needs one day to come to that magic moment when someone evolyutsioniruet narrative in an open world”.

Director of RAGE 2 has also shed light on one question that excited fans: this is a project Avalanche Studios or id Software? Although Nedfors did not give a direct and precise answer, it sounds like it’s still the first game of the Studio. “[id Software] came to us with the words: “We believe that you should make RAGE 2”. We had the opportunity to be creative and to present an idea we had from the beginning, before they gave us anything. […] It was a great exchange in both directions. At the beginning of the project, Tim [Willits] said, “I don’t understand how you make these open world games”. I learned from legends in the gaming industry, and he also learned something from us,” said Magnus Nedfors.

Avalanche Studios never made games in the first person, and, according to Nedfors, in this respect, the contribution of id Software’s RAGE 2 significant.

How well intertwined approaches of id Software and Avalanche Studios, we will know on may 14 when RAGE 2 will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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