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Radonitsa-2019: traditions and major bans

Радоница-2019: традиции и главные запретыWhat I decided to do that day.

May 7, Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the day of rejoicing. For believers this is a very important religious holiday, so at this time there are many rules and restrictions. To our readers it was easier to understand them, we have described in detail what you can and cannot do in the day of rejoicing.

Radonitsa – a holiday not very fun. She said on Tuesday of the second week after Easter, the day after Thomas Sunday. And is the official day of commemoration of the dead, the first after the feast of Easter celebrations. Called “Radonitsa” comes from the words “kind” and “joy” this day is Easter for the dead. At this time I decided to visit relatives at cemeteries to pray and share the joy of the resurrection of Christ with the departed.

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What can and should

To see the departed in cemeteries;
To bring to the cemetery Easter treats, make a modest festive meal;
Allowed a little drink;
To pray for the dead;
To visit the Church.

What not

To consume too much of alcohol;
Quarreling and cursing;
Do not leave food on the graves, it is better to give it to the needy;
It is impossible to arrange the cemetery noisy gatherings.

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