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Rada has tightened penalties for defaulters of the alimony

Рада ужесточила наказания для неплательщиков алиментовThe Dodgers can deny driver’s licenses and send to social work.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill No. 7277, which introduces new means of forced execution of decisions that can be applied to defaulters of the alimony. In their number – forfeiture and a ban on travel abroad.

Voted 294 deputies.

To the 71st article of the law “On enforcement proceedings” stipulates that if you have debts to pay alimony in the amount of six and more months the state Executive has the right to make the decision on the temporary restriction of the debtor’s right to travel abroad (now this requires a decision of the court); the right of management by vehicles; the use of firearms; the right to hunt.

Take back the rights it will be impossible if the car is the main source of livelihood of the debtor or in the presence of a disability first and second groups.

In addition, the parent who does not pay child support, lose right to vote on the question of the departure of the child abroad. The amendments to the Family code provides that in case of failure to pay child support for six months, the parent with whom the child lives, can make their own decision about its time traveling abroad. This option is available to travel abroad up to 1 month or more 1 month with the purpose of study or treatment of the child.

The document also introduces a new type of administrative penalty in the form of social work – the debtor will perform this work during their free or study time. What will it work, will define local governments.

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