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Rabbits-aliens will be a bloodbath (VIDEO)

Horror-unfinished from the UK, where the insidious aliens, taking the form of cute zaichick, kidnap the ladies in rural areas and fighting with the villagers-men, flooding the neighborhood with blood. Sounds crazy? Very interesting!

This film is called “the Little cute creature” (Cute Little Buggers) and 7 November it will be released on the services “pay-and-see.”

Long and hard this trash was created by Director Tony Jopia. You can hardly are familiar with his work, but he was removed for “Time to die” (2010) and “Howling wolf” (2015). For this project, Tony was able to recruit actress Caroline Munro, in the 70-ies of the last century starring in several iconic genre films such as “Maniac”, “Captain Kronos: vampire Hunter” and “Dracula 1972”.

The first clips “cute Little creatures” appeared on the web in 2014-2015. But now, on the occasion of the long-awaited (at least Mr. Jopia it just the VERY long awaited) release, came the official trailer of need so fucking watch!

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