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R. L. Stine would write SIX MORE books from the series “Horror”

The name of the writer Robert Lawrence Stine, known as R. L. Stine, in recent years, on hearing a little less than his name more famous and honored colleagues of Stephen king. First screens out youth horror “Horror movies” based on a series of books Schooling with Jack black in the role of the author. The sequel of this film in Russia republish his old stories, and abroad publish new… and will publish.

Publisher Scholastic this year has released three new books from the series “Horror” (Goosebumps), but this was neither the publisher nor the writer is not going to stop. In a fresh interview, Stein said that signed agreement on the establishment of SIX new books!

I don’t think the writers retire. I think about Robert B. Parker, who dropped dead right on the keyboard. I think it should be. Anyway, I just signed up for another six books from the series “Horror”. Maybe some of them will be released posthumously, I don’t know.Cm. also: Astrel-SPb republishes the “Horror” R. L. Stine!

Recall that Stein also revived another series, “Street of Fear”. If “Horror” is intended primarily for an audience of Junior and middle age, the “Street of Fear” is designed for teenagers.

In any case, we wish the author many years of life and good health!

Jack black (left) and R. L. Stine in the film “Horror”.

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