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Quiz: how well do you know the trending colors of the season

Тест: насколько хорошо ты знаешь трендовые цвета сезона

Autumn came into its own, and we decided to make a guide on the main colors of the coming year with our latest recommendations.

If you ever worry about the question of who is the main fashion colorist, then we will open you a secret. It is the Pantone color Institute identifies ten main shades of the upcoming season, for example, already now well-known colour trends for spring / summer 2018.

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By the way, the most interesting often lies in the names of the shades, and sometimes to guess that you are “evergreen” (Evergreen) or “shaded spruce” (Shaded Spruce) is not possible. So we made you a cool and challenging quiz on knowledge of colors.

Come on it, carefully read our advice and be sure to share the result on social networks!

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