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“Quiet place” received a PG-13 rating (+ new VIDEO!)

American kinaesthesia gave the film “a Quiet place” age rating PG-13 for “terror and some images of blood.” For the Russian audience it is traditionally transformirovalsya in 16+.

I think no one make this decision not surprised, fortunately none of the previously presented promotional videos of the special sheet was observed. Horror John Krasinski is focusing on another.

This is the story of a family that lives on a small secluded farm in the distant American heartland. The main characters are two children. It would seem that the life of these people did not differ from that of other such families. But the main characters live in a house that is filled with horrible monsters, reacting to any sound. The characters learned a set of special gestures to help them communicate with each other, not uttering a single sound. In addition, each member of the family must be very quiet to move throughout the home to dangerous creatures didn’t notice them. However, the house inhabited by small children, may not be the quietest place on earth…

In the latest trailer we see the scene is already moving in the trailer, but then, of course, showed a little more.

The main role in the film played by Emily blunt (“edge of tomorrow”), John Krasinski (“the Office”), Noah Joop (“penny Dreadful”) and Millie Simmonds (“the World is full of wonders”). By the way, about what it’s like to work with a deaf actress, film Director said recently in an interview with the resource Bloody Disgusting.

So, looking forward to the Russian premiere of “quiet space”, which will take place on 5 April.

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