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Quick and healthy snack

Быстрые и полезные варианты перекусовNutritionists have suggested how and what foods to prepare a snack to stay slim and beautiful.

Timely snacking is necessary for us for several reasons. First, the flow of food at the same time daily is a key to good digestion. Secondly, between the main meals should go 3-4 hours, and satisfy your hunger will help just the same light snacks. Third, decreases the risk of overeating during lunch and dinner, because you won’t be so much hungry snack awhile ago.

Five of the most useful snacks that are prepared quickly:

Sandwich with avocado pulp. Dry piece of whole wheat bread in the oven or make toast, smear it chopped in mashed avocado and top with a few drops of lemon juice.

Fruit salad with hazelnut milk. You can use any fruit that you want to slice and fill with peanut milk. Better yet, grind all the ingredients in a blender and drink as a smoothie.

Fruit-berry smoothie. If you have to work with a blender – great, if not – then you have to prepare smoothies at home and take it along in a jar to work. Fruits and berries can add a little natural yogurt, so drink even more nutritious.

Sandwich with goat cheese and greens. Goat cheese is well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and delivers a lot of nutrients and bacteria necessary for digestion. In an additional ingredient is better to use lettuce, parsley, dill and other greens that are close at hand. Bread is best to use whole wheat.

A handful of nuts and dried fruit. In this case, and to cook does not need anything, just take with you to work several different nuts, a few pieces of dried apricots, prunes, dates or figs. Eat second Breakfast or afternoon snack.

Take snacks with you to work. It is not difficult, but how useful!

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