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Queen of SPADES: WONDERLAND – watch first trailer!

The Queen of spades, come. The Queen of spades, come. The Queen of spades, come. Tonight premiered the first official trailer of the new Russian horror movie – “the Queen of spades: through the looking glass”. The film itself is not yet ready, in full swing installation and other post-production, but in the video there is something to see.

We will remind that this film is a continuation of the film 2015 release “the Queen of spades: Black rite” – the first part well proved in the Russian hire, and was also awarded one of the European film festivals.

In November of 2016, we learned that in development is a sequel, and in the summer of 2017 first reported that the Director of “Alice in Wonderland” will be Alexander Domogarov Jr. Well, now we can finally see that Domogarova happened.

The main role in the film went to angelina Strechingthat fans of horror can see in the short film “Mom is always there” and see a “Guest”. Consolidated her younger brother played Daniel Ant Izotov, who we know from the TV series “Bloody lady”. The official synopsis of the film yet, but here’s what we managed to find out about his story:

Students of the closed school, located in an old mansion, out the rite of calling the Queen of spades – because according to legend, the Lady can grant any wish one who will call. That only desires can be dangerous, and deals with demons is doubly dangerous.

Watch the trailer! And be sure to tell us in the comments about how this movie or not. What do you expect from the new “Queen of spades”? Will it be better than the first movie? Or worse?..

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