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Qualcomm accused Apple of stealing secrets for the Intel

Qualcomm обвинила Apple в краже секретов для IntelQualcomm claims to have good evidence.

Qualcomm says Apple several years stealing data producer processors to eventually remove the need to rely on Qualcomm components.

It is expected that Apple gave Intel code Qualcomm to increase the speed of the modem Intel.

The claims were a continuation of the legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple, which began almost two years ago, when Apple said that Qualcomm was abusing its position as a dominant supplier of modems to smartphones, to demand unwarranted fees for patents.

But now Qualcomm is trying to make a move back and claims to have good evidence. Qualcomm representatives said that they were able to see the documents that show that the engineers at Apple and Intel shared source Qualcomm.

“Apple has developed and executed a complex plan that began at least several years ago and continues into the present to steal extensive sections of classified information and trade secrets of Qualcomm and use information and technology to improve the efficiency of the components from other manufacturers,” – said in a statement.

The lawsuit States that at some point Intel engineers even complained to Apple that they are unable to access secret files Qualcomm that were sent. Apple engineers have reportedly created a new, visible files using your own tools Qualcomm.

Previously, Qualcomm has accused Apple of violating agreements related to the protection of software Qualcomm. New charges added to this claim. Qualcomm asks the court to impose penalties on Apple. The manufacturer of processors also wants Apple was forced to stop using the modem Intel.

Add Qualcomm develops wireless communications and microelectronics. The company manufactures Snapdragon processors for mobile devices. Apple has access to the secret code Qualcomm because of the deal 2009. Apple wanted to get access to the code of Qualcomm, to “more deeply integrate” it into the iPhone.

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