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Quake Champions will appear in Steam

Quake Champions появится в SteamWhen will the release on Steam, the authors did not disclose.

Multiplayer shooter Quake Champions at the moment lives only in the personal area under the Bethesda name Launcher. Luckily for all the haters of third-party programs, the game will remain exclusive.

Bethesda Softworks and id Software has responded to a number of pressing questions asked by the community on the official forum. In addition, the developers have confirmed that Quake Champions will appear in Steam. You’ll need to link your account with the service however, in General, the game will run without additional spacers in the form Launcher.

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When will the release on Steam, the authors do not disclose, but said: at the time of the current phase of beta testing Quake Champions will only be available through

The creators also answered many other questions about the game. For example, at the moment the main priorities are performance, network code, stability and balance. The latter is particularly important, as on June 29 kicks off the qualifying portion of the championship of Quake World Championships.

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In addition, the developers are working on the threshold of entry and systems progress. For the first are going to add more methods of training, training cards and UI improvements to make beginners feel more confident. The second need for the players to stay with Quake Champions as long as possible and come back to the game every week.

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