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Putin’s tactics on the WEF

Тактика Путина на ВЭФ

Today in Vladivostok starts on major programme IV Eastern economic forum, which will be held a meeting of leaders of countries. First discussed will be economic cooperation and the new geopolitical course in the Asia-Pacific region. It is expected that seven business conversations:

– Russia – China

– Russia – India

– Russia – Republic Of Korea

– Russia – Japan

– The Russia – ASEAN

– Russia – Middle East

– Russia – Europe

What has trained Vladimir Putin for the successful conduct of dialogues with the leaders, and what goals were set?

New geopolitics in the Asian region

On the background of open economic war against China, China together with Russia are planning to create new relationships in the Pacific and Eurasian regions. It is necessary to stimulate and strengthen cooperation. The priority projects are already contributing to the growth in turnover. By 2020 it is planned to increase this figure to $ 200 billion. The volume of direct investments in the Russian economy on the part of Beijing will be 12 billion. This was during a personal meeting and conversation Vladimir Putin and XI Jinping.

No doubt, the fact that the WEF takes place simultaneously with the teachings of “Vostok-2018” was not an accident. So Russia clearly demonstrates that it is willing to provide the new geopolitics of power to ensure.

Special attention should be paid to dialogue with Japan. The positive atmosphere of Russian-Japanese cooperation has provided charitable effect on the economy. The volume of trade with Russia increased by 20% compared to the same period a year ago. These results reported by the Japanese Ambassador to Russia Touchesa Kozuki.

Investment in the far East

For anybody will not be opening the fact that in the far East continue to create a comfortable investment climate. Today in the region is 1.3 thousand projects totaling $ 60 billion. This is 30% of all foreign investment in Russia. But four years ago this figure stood at around 4%.

And 30% is not the limit, given the available preferences that increase the profitability of projects is 12%, the expected influx of new investment. Most in the far East is China, which accounts for 7% of investments.

Obviously, the attractiveness of the region and the Russian economy is growing, demonstrating a positive trend for the near future. In addition, such extensive relationships only further demonstrates independence from us sanctions, because Washington was confident that it will drive Russia into a deep isolation. But as usual went wrong.

Of course, not all dialogues have taken place, but this is only interim results. We can accurately say that Putin’s tactics for the next 3 days WEF works the way it should be Russia.

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