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Putin’s rating is still some time will last

Рейтинг Путина еще некоторое время продержится

As I continue to ask about the rating of Putin: no, Putin’s rating has not changed. Many mass media give wrong information. It is obvious that the recent focus polls with changing methodology of measurement (by which the whole country saw pollster know how to produce the result which the customer wants) has caused a strong feeling that with the rating of major problems and the audience is being cheated.

But between 72,4% and 71.7% on a sample of 1500 there is no significant difference — it knows anyone who has some studied mathematical statistics. It’s just the same figure. So this week, the rating fell, the polls here speaks the truth. And in the last nine months it has not been changed. Despite the fact that all this time is witnessing important events (that proves once again that the rating changes last, when everything important has already happened).

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If you want prediction, then here it is. After the summer of last year, when Putin’s rating has fallen because of misguided expectations, he came out on the plateau. And if all goes like it is now, it some time there will hold. And then collapses again. And this would mean that Russia started the crisis of legitimacy, the unit will cease to “catch signals” from one person and begin to act on the basis that started the political transformation.

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Gregory Yudin, sociologist

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