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Putinism do not have to learn personally by Putin

Путинизм не обязательно изучать лично по Путину

Of course, Surkov rights to a thousand million percent! Putinism need to carefully study and decompose the molecules and corpuscles. And examine it in a historical context. Because Putin wants to go down in history, and even believe that included in her stride boot? And here it is necessary to examine how we construct any “isms”.

That socialism, communism, Putinism. Why is a normal country and a normal, ordinary human life, we are building something special, not similar to any model of society and at the same time believe that the whole world envies us? How could that happen that after twenty years of incredibly successful reign, the founder of Putinism, is still struggling with 90-mi years of the last century?

Putinism is great — but Yeltsinism, it turns out, is even cooler? How come that the daily getting up from his knees and continued to move forward, we found ourselves in for… well, that is in the back. Instead, the future turned out to be somewhere in the past, and I think we landed on that branch, but in the wrong direction.

Putinism is really a “global hack”. It’s a recipe of endless government with the visible observance of all procedures and laws. This is the method by which the great — even if just for the volume of a country is equal to one man, with all his weaknesses, complexes, moods and fears. When the shortcomings of the only living person turn into disadvantages at the same time more than one hundred and forty million.

Putinism is a skill. How to do a few times worse, but for the people this is for you and said thank you.

Putinism is also the lessons of friendship. As even the most passing acquaintance with this man can bring happiness to you and your family. A unique gift to friends and to be caring and generous friend — the great property of the founder of Putinism. But the law of conservation of energy applies even to him. Therefore, if you are not lucky with the friendship with the leader, you will only get nothing.

And, of course, Putinism is the incubator. For people like Surkov, whom the lottery of life carried on the crest of a wave and the top of the Vertical, and a passionate desire to stay on the top of the comb and they are ready for anything, able to come up with any term to learn any life skill and not only lose the remnants of conscience, which it was not very much, but the remnants of shame.

Putinism do not have to learn personally by Putin. It is possible to successfully study and Surkov is to become like him. It only remains to know how long we will explore this doctrine. Will Putinism developed Putinism, and whether it will reach to the complete cretinism. And most importantly, how much time we’re old? Studying hacking time flies!

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