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Putin was asked to remove “nullification” amendment to the Constitution

Путина попросили убрать «обнуление» из поправок к Конституции

In a Network there is another petition with the requirement to remove the “reset” of presidential terms of constitutional amendments. The appeal addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on the website

The authors of the petition say that it is unfair to accept all the amendments as one package. We need to vote for “zeroing out” certain options “for”/”against”, the authors of the petition. They also want to save the amendment prohibiting civil servants to have property and Bank accounts outside Russia.

Informed the Committee of the “NO” campaign, which opposes amending the Constitution, created a petition on the same site it has already been signed for almost two thousand Russians. In an address to the citizens the authors of the petition stated that stand against “zeroing”.

We will remind, Putin announced July 1 a day of voting on amendments to the Constitution, including the amendment of the “zeroing” of presidential terms.


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