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Putin thinks about giving the army artificial intelligence, which has “no compassion”

Путин думает о наделении армии искусственным интеллектом, у которого "нет сострадания"

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to discuss at the final meeting on issues of development of the Armed forces and the defense industry the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the army and Navy. Earlier Thursday, he noted with regret that the AI has no compassion, so man is still better.

“Our agenda today includes the issues related to the development and implementation of emerging technologies, including technologies using artificial intelligence. Nowadays they are widely used for making modern weapons and equipment, robotic systems, weapons based on new physical principles that will determine the future of our army and Navy,” Putin said. His words published on the official website of the Russian President.


According to the Russian leader, on Thursday will be the final meeting for defence. And in the course of this week were considered key directions of development of the Navy, the state procurement.


“We need to fully analyze and assess the results of the tests of advanced weapons systems. I should note that successful research and development in these high technology areas are crucial for the development of the civil sector to enhance the competitiveness of science, and for the creation of advanced production facilities and infrastructure, digital economy,” Putin said.


The commander in chief will also discuss with the military “measures on parrying potential threats related to the release of the United States of America from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles” (INF Treaty).

“Russia is not interested in arms race and the deployment of missiles where they are not. As you know, we announced a unilateral moratorium on the deployment of such missiles and offered to our colleagues in Europe and the United States to join him. While we were told only the President of the French Republic Mr. macron. Other partners there is no reaction. This forces us to take steps to counter these threats,” Putin said.


The Russian President added that soon will expire at the end of the start-3 Treaty on mutual reduction of deployed strategic nuclear weapons. The Treaty was signed by presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama on 8 April 2010.

“All our proposals on the extension of this agreement is on the table. No reaction yet from the partners we have not received. In this regard, I wish to reiterate the position of the Russian Federation: Russia is ready immediately, as soon as possible, right up to the end of the year, without preconditions, to extend the contract start-3. That was not then any double, triple, interpretations about our position, and I say that officially,” – said Vladimir Putin.


On Thursday he intends to discuss with the military leaders that Russia “could oppose all the hostile steps which operational decisions would be most appropriate and least expensive”.


Putin and artificial intelligence



Recently, the President of the Russian Federation, shutevski in 2007 before the summit of “big eight”, after the death of Mahatma Gandhi on the planet left worthy of his interlocutors, when he thinks about the introduction of artificial intelligence in various fields. However, he emphasizes not only the positive side of this process.

Ironically, December 5 Vladimir Putin visited the International forum of volunteers in Sochi, where he criticized the artificial intelligence and his limited opportunities. The President expressed confidence that the machines and their “intelligence” will never replace the human heart and compassion.

“I always pleasure to chat with you. Because communication with such people as you, make any man better and kinder. This fully applies to me”, – said Putin to the forum participants.

The President drew attention to the fact that volunteers do a variety of things: help the elderly, children and restore the cultural facilities, protect the environment, support of veterans. “Such activities are important, always and everywhere, and in our time – especially. Because we are experiencing a period of rapid technological development, new technological revolution,” – said the head of state.


He explained: “it Seems that the car can now fully replace the human in everything. The now common notion of what “artificial intelligence”. Yes, it can be even more effective person. But it’s not real, it is that inherent human – no heart, soul, no compassion. And you, all of us it is.”

According to the head of the state, the volunteers ‘ compassion expressed most eloquently: “it presents for all special value”, reports TASS. “Because it is the Foundation of the very existence of man and humanity,” philosophically remarked the President.

A month ago, Vladimir Putin proposed to create a code of ethics of human interaction with artificial intelligence. According to the President, artificial intelligence is becoming a new factor of social development. In the world discuss, including social aspects and consequences of its use.

“We need to find a balance between maximum disclosure and the rights of people to protection of this information where they consider that this protection should be provided”, – Putin said at the conference on artificial intelligence AI Journey in Moscow.

According to the President, artificial intelligence technologies will help to “get rid of the rigidity and slowness of the bureaucratic machine, as well as to radically increase the transparency and efficiency of administrative procedures”. From AI, according to Putin, depends on the creation of comfortable and safe cities, access to quality medicine, reliable transport system and the country’s defense.


During the event, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said that the legislative regulation in the field of artificial intelligence should not be too hard. The head of Sberbank German Gref added that the entire current human activity cannot be transferred to artificial intelligence, because “you’re stupid”, reported RBC.


“She’s still able to do only what has already happened in the past. I’m trying to resolve situations for which decisions have not yet been. As soon as this decision is, I’ll find something to do and I will be happy to give this routine artificial intelligence,” – said Gref.

Then, in October, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the development strategies of the AI until 2030. The document said in particular about the development of ethics in the field of human interaction and artificial intelligence.



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