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Putin spoke about the “specific grounds” to believe business “crooks by definition

Путин рассказал об «определенных основаниях» считать бизнесменов «жуликами по определени

In the next edition of the multi-Vladimir Putin’s interview with TASS news Agency, dedicated to business, the President said that in order to consider the business “rogues in the definition of” is “some justification”, and also explained why it considers a rogue ex-co-owner of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky

In the next part of an interview with TASS, Vladimir Putin said in particular about his vision of the role of small business in the economy. In response to the remark of the interviewer that creates the impression that the President considers businessmen as “crooks, by definition,” Putin said that “there are certain grounds”.

The President explained that “the whole so-called small business in the zero years we have been associated with the trade,” while in many countries “with so-called developed market economies,” small business plays a big role in the production. “We are trying to do what now is in the countries with developed market economy: near major companies, there are dozens, if not hundreds of small businesses that serve the interests of these companies.”

Now, according to Putin, the government is forcing large companies to provide ordering for small businesses. All this changes the structure of a small business: now, according to the President, is “not just any stalls and tents, not only trade, buy cheaper – sell more expensive, now there are already scientific, high-tech small business”.



On the question of the interviewer whether he understood that “the shopkeeper is a crook,” Putin said in the minds of the people – Yes. Meanwhile, Putin said that he is “part of the people”. “If, therefore, fair to say, well…We all think so,” admitted the President.


In addition, Putin called “rogue” ex-head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky. “Their company is involved not only fraudulent transactions, and murder. That’s the problem. Not proved his personal participation in the organized murders, but the murders themselves was the place to be. They are proven,” – said Putin. Now the former head of security service of Yukos, Alexei Pichugin is serving a life sentence for two murders, including that of Nefteyugansk mayor Vladimir Petukhov. “You think the security officers have killed people on his own initiative? I think that it does not happen. But to prove other facts, for which he received the appropriate sentence,” – concluded Putin. Speaking about the case of Michael Calvey, Putin said that “law enforcement agencies understand”, and “the answer can only be that way.”

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