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Putin spoke about the creation of Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Путин высказался о создании Православной церкви УкраиныThe main purpose of creating national Church in Ukraine is the division of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, Putin said.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considers that the main aim of creating a national Orthodox Church in Ukraine is the division of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine.

“15 December 2018 Ukrainian leadership, which is actively supported by the US and the Patriarchate of Constantinople, held a so-called unification Council. It was declared a “Orthodox Church of Ukraine”, and 6 January 2019 Patriarch Bartholomew signed a Tomos (decree) of its autocephaly,” – said Putin.

“Thus, an attempt was made to legalize under the jurisdiction of Istanbul in the existing in Ukraine the dissident community, which is a gross violation of the Orthodox canons,” – said the Russian President.

“However, few people care about and in the leadership of Ukraine, and the United States, because the new Church structure is purely political, secular project. Its main goal is to divide the people of Russia and Ukraine, to sow not only national, but religious discord,” said he.

Putin added that Kiev has already declared a “final independence from Moscow.”

According to him, “neither of which the spiritual life it is not a question – we are dealing with a dangerous and irresponsible politicking.”

“Just as there is no speech and independence “of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.” In fact, it is completely under the control of Istanbul. And here is the largest in Ukraine of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which for autocephaly by Patriarch Bartholomew did not appeal, absolutely independent in its actions”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

“It retains exclusively canonical ties with the Russian Orthodox Church, but even this causes undisguised irritation in the current Kiev regime,” he added.

Putin says: “the priests and laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC-MP – ed.), pursue, take away their churches and monasteries, and the Church trying to deny her legal name, which increases the tension and leads to further discord in the Ukrainian society.”

In his words, “attempts to force believers in another Church is fraught with serious consequences”, but the Ukrainian leadership “willing to sacrifice inter-confessional consent in the country in order to conduct the election campaign of the incumbent President of Ukraine”.

“Russia does not intend to interfere in Church processes, especially in the territory of a neighboring sovereign state. But we see the danger, including for world Orthodoxy, are of similar experiments and gross interference of the state in religious activity,” Putin said.

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