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Putin spoke about his new strategy

Путин рассказал о своей новой стратегииThe President of Russia threatened to intervene in the Affairs of neighboring countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if the neighboring States were in danger of “color revolutions”, Russia is simply obliged to interfere.

About it writes Russian journalist Andrey Shipilov on your website. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Very interesting concept of Russia’s relations with immediate neighbours was put forward by Vladimir Putin in an exclusive interview with television World. According to this concept, if in Russia’s neighboring countries there is a threat of “color revolution”, Russia not only has the right to intervene, but is obliged to do it,” said Shipilov.

According to him, Putin believes it is a special debt of Russia, as, in his opinion, the “color revolutions – is not that other, as “extremism”.

The journalist recalled that on “extremism” color revolutions, Putin said in 2014.

“In the modern world extremism is used as a tool of geopolitics and spheres of influence. We see what tragic consequences the wave of so-called color revolutions… For us it is a lesson and a warning, and we will do everything to ensure that this never happens in Russia”, – said Putin in 2014.

In the current interview, Putin pushed the boundaries “that never happened” to neighboring countries.

“Of course, nothing this must stop and we will try our best to appropriately behave in Russia and strongly support our partners in the CSTO,” – said the Russian President in 2017.

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“What do these words mean to “fully support our partners,” no need to explain. It is learned by example and Hungary in 56 and Czechoslovakia in 68-m, and the Baltic States, Georgia and Ukraine, and Syria, and dozens of other countries,” said Shipilov.

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