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Putin said about the readiness for new military operations in Syria

Путин заявил о готовности к новой военной операции в СирииAgainst the military operation in Idlib was made by the President of France.

Russia is ready to provide “effective support” of the Syrian army in the elimination of “militants” in Idlib.

This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the results of the quadripartite summit in Istanbul, broadcast performances led by “RIA Novosti”.

During the summit, Putin noted that the agreement on de-escalation in Idlib was temporary, and Moscow expects Ankara’s immediate withdrawal from Syria of all armed groups. In the same case, if the militants in Iglinsky area of de-escalation will continue their attacks, said the Russian President, Russia is ready “to provide strong support” of the Syrian army.

However, against the military operation in Idlib was made by the President of France Emmanuel macron. He noted that it is necessary to divide the opposition and terrorists in Syria. “There is no doubt that the military operation of the Syrian regime would be unacceptable in the case of interstage issue. This will lead to a new wave of refugees and to ensure that the terrorists will slip away to other countries,” warned the Makron.

The summit in Istanbul with the participation of leaders of Russia, Turkey, Germany and France was the first meeting in this format. The initiator of its creation was the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He first announced his intention to meet in the new format at the end of July, agreement was long and ended just last week, when it was officially announced to hold a summit in Istanbul.

Agreement on settlement of crisis in Syria, Putin and Erdogan reached at the summit in Sochi on September 17. It involves the creation of a buffer zone along the border of the province and the withdrawal of heavy weapons. Syrian armed groups in the province by October 10, as scheduled, took heavy weapons from the demilitarized zone, reported by the Turkish Ministry of defense.

Europeans should insist on the fulfillment of the terms Interscope agreement and that any armed operation in this area will jeopardize the future cooperation of European countries with Russia and Syria, to prevent Moscow to achieve its political objectives, which, in the opinion of the analysts of International Crisis Group, is to not only to ensure the survival of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, but his rehabilitation.

Another topic was supposed to be the refugee problem. At the moment, France does not see any possibility for the return of refugees to Syria, the source said RBC in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic. “The return of refugees must take place exclusively by their voluntary consent, but until we see that they created a safe environment,” – said the source publication. Another problem is the lack of guarantees of the integrity of the property of refugees who decided to return home, he recalled. Previously, the premature negotiations about the return to Syria of refugees from Europe have stated in the press service of the European Union.

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