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Putin revealed plans to enter nuclear weapons

Путин раскрыл планы по вводу ядерного оружияRussian troops to 2021 plan to equip with modern weapons by 60 per cent.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country will develop its strategic nuclear forces.

“We will continue to develop the defence potential of the country, to equip all types and kinds of troops, weapons and equipment of the new generation. First of all it concerns the strategic nuclear forces,” – said the Russian leader. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to Putin, by 2021 the equipment of Russian modern weapons to exceed 60 percent, and in some – 90.

Last year in Moscow said that the Russian army has adopted laser weapons.

We will note, the President of the United States Donald Trampenau said that the start-3 Treaty with Russia on mutual reductions of nuclear vehicles and warheads “unilateral” and vowed to expand the U.S. nuclear Arsenal.

Thus, the American experts said that the observers missed the real revolution in strategic nuclear weapons, which since 2009 has held America.

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