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Putin on LGBT rights: “transformers, TRANS (gender)…God bless everyone!”

Путин — о ЛГБТ: «Трансформеры, транс (гендеры)…Дай бог здоровья всем!»

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a press conference following the summit of “Big twenty”, which ends in Osaka, spoke about the situation of the LGBT community in the country.

“We are even against the LGBT community. Really. Calm, completely objective,” he said, commenting his interview to the British newspaper Financial Times, in which he voiced a similar opinion.

According to Putin, Russia “picking on” because of the law banning propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors. The President believes that people must first grow, and then to solve the issue with his sexual orientation. “Leave the kids alone!” — said Putin.

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In his opinion, the problem with the attitude towards the LGBT community that it is in some countries aggressively impose their point of view to most, in the schools dictates the need for specific sex education.

“Six or five floors are up to. Transformers, TRANS (gender)… I don’t even know what it is. God bless to all! […] Must be respected, but cannot be imposed”, — said the President.

He suggested that many people are tired of aggression on the part of LGBT. “Maybe, that is the phenomenon of trump when he won the elections”, — Putin said.

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He also added that he respects and considers a brilliant musician Elton John, but he “distorts” his words in an interview.

Previously Elton John appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in an interview with The Financial Times stated that “we [Russians] have nothing against people of nontraditional sexual orientation.” “I find the hypocrisy in your application that you want LGBT people “were happy” and that “we have no problem with that”,” wrote the singer in Instagram.

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