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Putin noted the economic recovery after the release from quarantine restrictions

Путин констатировал восстановление экономики после выхода из карантинных ограничений

Russia’s economy is gradually recovering as exit epidemiological limitations, said Friday Vladimir Putin during an online conference with representatives of the industries affected by the pandemic.

Thus, according to him, many businesses and organizations that all those hard weeks and months to “keep the economic and industrial front against the coronavirus,” received new “practice solutions to complex, non-trivial technological, managerial and production tasks”. Putin suggested the experience to perform in order to “increase the effectiveness and margin of safety in all key areas of development.”

The President noted that during the period of the pandemic coronavirus in Russia managed to avoid surges in the price of goods. “As a result of the goods uninterrupted and round the clock delivery to the stores are delivered to the customers home. At the same time managed to prevent a sharp spike, which is extremely important, and quickly localize and eliminate the temporary deficits of individual goods” — quoted Putin TASS.

He stressed that this was achieved “not by some administrative commands and prodding, and on the basis of transparent market mechanisms”.

In General, according to him, Russia’s economy, all the key parts and critical infrastructure, including digital, “proved able to quickly adapt to major challenges, to withstand large load and operate smoothly in a difficult environment”.

“This applies to sectors that directly contribute in the fight against coronavirus. Despite some objective difficulties, technological hitch at the beginning of the epidemic, they have shown flexibility, responsibility, ability quickly to regroup and retool the production”, — said Putin.

Since the end of March in all regions of Russia there are restrictions aimed at combating the pandemic coronavirus. The most severe occurred in April and early may, when Russia acted common mode non-working days. He assumed the shutdown of enterprises and organizations, except those employed in a continuous production cycle and life-supporting industries. The experts assessed as insufficient level of support provided to business during the absence period. According to the organization “Business Russia”, by various forms of state support were able to use only 10% of small and medium-sized businesses.


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