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“Putin mnogohodovochka”: laughing over the statement of the Russian President

"Путинская многоходовочка": в сети хохочут над заявлением российского президентаIn the network laugh at the “spiritual scrapie” Putin.

Once Russia is proud of its writers and poets, scientists and designers, philosophers and generals. However, the 21st century somehow gave the country great new braces Pushkin and Tolstoy, Mendeleev, and Sakharov.

And instead of the “own platos and quick mind Newtons” of the Russian land became abundantly bring forth Milonova and Mizulin, Girkin, Motorola and Surgeons.

It is of course that Russian “native pride,” but to call Alexander Zaldostanov salt of the earth scrapie is not rotated even flexible on the obscene language of President Vladimir Putin. But turned to say something else. Mr President the other day one “Iskander” two birds shot. And the newly elected President of Donald trump from the insinuation of the press defended, and threw the Russians a new pattern for childish pride.

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“I can hardly imagine that he ran to the hotel to meet with our girls… with low social responsibility. Although, of course, they have the best in the world, but I doubt that trump fell for it.”

There is no doubt that as an experienced security officer, halostatue for the third year Putin gave checked on personal experience information about what the Russian prostitutes “world’s best”.

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And a moribund economy of Russia got finally a new chance to revive. After such advertising certainly country birch calico will be number one in all handbooks of sex tourism. As they say, not only oil and gas power of Russia will grow. This is such an amazing Putin mnogohodovochka happened…

A large confusing Russia
Do the whores are all well learned in it,
If Putin is in the country of the Messiah,
In the world there is no classier BL*dei!

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