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Putin made a loud statement about the Minsk agreement

Путин сделал громкое заявление о Минских соглашенияхPutin said that Ukraine lost its chance to implement the “Minsk”.

The current government in Ukraine has lost the chance to implement the “Minsk agreement”.

About it on may 2, said Russian President Vladimir Putin after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“I am convinced that the Kiev government has lost the chance to implement the Minsk agreements when they had the political opportunity. Today … the upper political echelons of power have become, to put it mildly, much more modest in connection with a number of circumstances, including the economic, the political situation,” he said. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Putin added that “despite this need to continue efforts in the “Normandy format”, in the framework of existing agreements”.
“We are in constant contact with the other participants of the Normandy format. The last telephone conversation in this format took place on April 17. Channel four should continue to actively engage in resolving the Ukrainian crisis. The work in this format will be continued after the presidential elections in France,” – said Putin.

“We agreed that among the main tasks (performance of Minsk) should be the cultivation of forces and means of the parties to the conflict that will allow to stop the shelling, to establish a direct dialogue between Kiev and the unrecognized republics, to legislate the special status of the regions and on this basis to hold elections,” he added.

Meanwhile, Putin added that “the Donbas from Ukraine, no one separated, it makes using the blockade itself the Ukrainian power”.

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