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Putin laugh a Network of regular heels

Путин насмешил Сеть очередными каблукамиLouboutins just relax.

Russian President Vladimir Putin shocked the world with its, to put it mildly, extravagant appearance.

The strangeness in the manner of Russian policy is to put noticed a well-known blogger Fascists Donetsk, who published the corresponding photo in his Twitter account.

The head of the Kremlin probably has some secret passion for unexpected shocking. It is very difficult to explain why periodically Vladimir Putin too long pants will wear, the jacket clearly doesn’t fit. And it’s not talking about the typical manifestations of the so-called “male character” – talking about the pictures shirtless or posing in the cockpit of a supersonic fighter.

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However, it is one thing to demonstrate to the electorate their men’s worth. Vladimir Putin is trying to demonstrate that Russia is strong and confident, “king”, as they say, “enemies to envy.” One would assume that this is a necessary role. But it is extremely difficult to explain why Vladimir Putin suddenly the child strange attentions will, not buy male shoes wear.

In the photo published by the Fascists in Donetsk, Vladimir Putin is depicted in the Shoe which is more suitable glamorous socialite, not the head of the nuclear powers.

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Internet users appreciated the desire of Putin to the beautiful, leaving a lot of memorable comments to the photo.

“On the eve louboutins Oh**tional trousers”, “Lived, in the course went already double – woman”, “it was decided a sex change?”, “Rebranding the authorities in Russian”, “Scary to think what he will wear next time”, “Costumers have probably already exiled to the mines”, “This style now out of fashion,” wrote the user review.

Путин насмешил Сеть очередными каблуками

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