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Putin is well in the parallel world, but the people there do not want

Путину хорошо в параллельном мире, но народ туда не хочет

The Russians are less amenable to propaganda and refuse to lose touch with reality.

Vladimir Putin is considered a luminary of political surprises. So. But the logic of his actions to decipher easily. Do not just fit leader under pattern figure who adapts to the subject and seeking their praise.

A few recent examples.

The battle for the salvation of Bashar al-Assad these days smoothly into a war with Turkey. It seems to be inappropriate. For the plebiscite desirable peaceful climate. Moreover, the majority of Russians have never understood why the Syrian campaign, and certainly will not be happy collide with the Turks. But assuming that household responses, the Russian President is interested in slightly, and a showdown with Erdogan — a strong, then everything falls into place. In reality, Putin this war — a matter of priority, and to take into account the mood of any third parties, even if their own citizens, it would be strange.

How weird would it be to adjust to the expectations of citizens are part of the notorious group on constitutional amendments. Critics scoffed at the simplicity of the jumper with a pole Isinbayeva and so it was fun that at the last meeting of the group of correction with Putin she wasn’t even there. Although Isinbayeva called not because of her intelligence or authority of the people. Just it is present in Putin’s reality. As a writer Prilepin, which the average person does not read, or actor Mashkov, quite identifiable. They all share one thing: they are known to the leader. But more is required.

Or take tassovskimi series “20 questions to Vladimir Putin”, which, as I can imagine ignorant people conceived to explain the masses of the latest initiatives of the head of state. Based on this incorrect understanding, the scoff banter over the fact that the President only repeats many times they are told, including the fact that it is unlikely to appeal to people.

But Putin does not speak for the General public, and one that is close to him. He just remains true to himself, not giving his companion no chance to push it to something spectacular in the eyes of ordinary viewers statements. Well, at least to scold Medvedev and set aside Ministers. On the contrary, contrary to all the propaganda of expediency, he praises them. Because it is his people.

A bit pretending to be the same as all. Here’s a cute dialogue about the use of gadgets:

Interviewer: are You comfortable? Use?

Putin: I feel comfortable, because it does not use. I have other options just.

Interviewer: I saw you call the boy in the red Glade skiing at your invitation, and you called smartphone.

Putin: I am your friend Sand just slipped, I called. And so I find it easier to pick up a special connection, and I will find anyone…

In the reality in which ordinary people live, don’t appreciate it. But in reality, alternative listen with full understanding.

For the alternate reality is designed and the medal of the member of the Federation Council of Suleiman Eremeeva produced without any external occasion, like anniversary or even birthday, but it coincided with the fifth anniversary of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. The truth about the murder often mention not so much awarded the Senator, as his nephew, but the noise in the media is still there, and seemingly didn’t have it to call. However, once again: in a parallel world media of conventional type — is something alien and respect not using. Let them resent.

The philosophy of this world have just outlined is temporarily retired from the civil service Vladislav Surkov, who presents himself as the architect: “I am interested in working in the genre of centralism. That is, when and if necessary to act against reality, change it, alter. While the project is live stage of formation, development, growth, it is interesting to participate. Fun. And when the new is created, it sharply turns into the old. The project is entering the phase of stability itself becomes a reality. And you do not need anything new. You only samopovtorov. Why?”

Surkov says that parallel reality, invented by the power for himself, has allegedly “becoming a reality” for all. But these flattering rhetoric is not very confirmed.

The whole story of the plebiscite on Putin’s amendments is a giant trying to drag people into overbearing reality. Amendment was invented for some unexplainable guiding needs. No one below them are not molested. No one knows what they will bring. Nevertheless, the companions of the leader expect from the citizens of enthusiasm, try to involve them in a staged public relations services “discussion” and imagine that the ritual of voting to re-cement the Alliance of the lower classes from the top.

The leader himself, again, above kowtowing to the citizens and just lives in his own world. But agitmashina trying to alienate ordinary people from their everyday worries with all his tentacles.

And nothing really comes out. It is clear that a plebiscite be held according to plan. Reporting no problems. But no extension of the mandate of the people’s regime will not get. Forcing apathetic people to participate in the Kremlin ritual will only cast the imminent outbreak of irritation, as it has happened after March 2018.

And the fact that it is precisely this, seen all the signs. For example, fresh monitoring of the Fund “Public opinion”. The open question, what events reported in the media, has aroused interest, 26% of respondents said about the epidemic of coronavirus, and only 3 percent remembered discussion of constitutional amendments, although it flooded the media space. And one’s actions and Putin’s speech (including the above-mentioned series of TASS that as a separate event by the public just not seen) has mentioned in total only 2% of respondents.

The country is deeply interested. She lives in a different world — and clearly intends to remain there.

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