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Putin is not the first time to open traffic on the unfinished road

Путину не впервой открывать движение по недостроенным дорогам

The President inaugurated the toll road M-11 Moscow-St. Petersburg.

It is not completed. To travel directly from one capital to another will not work. Will have little to stand in the traffic jam near Tver.

Putin is no stranger to open a non-existent end-to-end traffic on the unfinished roads. In February 2004 he discovered unfinished primer M-58 “Amur” in Khabarovsk region. Then the local Governor Ishaev managed to go down in history with the phrase: “And that’s through traffic has been opened. And soon the far East will be Neighbors.”

Now the bright have formulated a Metropolitan newspaper, “Putin was delighted with the ice cream at the opening of the motorway Moscow-Petersburg”.

The road did not happen. Bands only two. There is no curb. Any failure can be fatal. Call for help will not work — communication failure. Refills are not to find and it is better to take the canisters.

The road M-11 called “Neva”. Perhaps in honor of blades “Neva”, issued to soldiers of the Soviet Army as a technical. To shave them was impossible, they cut the pills with a worn tunic and could, if necessary, to open a vein or cut the throat of the enemy.

Sergey Aslanyan, journalist of “echo of Moscow”

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