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Putin instructed to solve the issue of early provision of pensions of miners

Путин поручил решить вопрос о досрочном пенсионном обеспечении шахтеров

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to solve the issue of early provision of pensions of workers of the coal industry. This is stated on the Kremlin website. Instruction is given on the results of the meeting with the heads of coal-mining regions, which was held on August 22.

“To ensure that any prepared with the participation of Russian independent Union of coal industry workers of changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation providing for the early retirement of the coal industry, the establishment of the identity of the professions of these employees subject to the provisions of professional standards and qualification reference, paying particular attention to the professions of the workers occupied on underground works, in particular, on the profession of the master of the rig and the drill master of the locomotive driver and the driver running on the monorail. Deadline — 31 December 2019”, — stated in the document.

Putin also instructed to improve the organization of medical examination, to determine the order of rehabilitation after a work shift.

In addition, requested to submit proposals on amending the procedure for calculating the tax on extraction of mineral resources in relation to coal, to work out subject to the earlier instructions, the question on allocation from the Federal budget of budgetary allocations on the implementation of measures for resettlement before the end of 2024 inhabitants of the houses located on undermined territories abandoned mines, developed in conjunction with EMERCOM of Russia and to approve an action plan for remediation of waste coal deposits.

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