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Putin in St. Petersburg gave a dressing down: “Budget money slipping through the fingers”

Путин в Петербурге устроил разнос: "Бюджетные деньги утекают сквозь пальцы"

Flew from Singapore to Saint Petersburg Vladimir Putin on Friday I stopped at the drugstore Pushkino to check the availability of drugs of vital necessity at affordable prices. However seen on the shelves of abundance did not convince the President. At a meeting with regional officials, he stated that the current system of pharmaceutical provision is unproductive and does not take into account the needs of the individual.

The current system of providing citizens with preferential medicines, officials have built many years and was proud of the results achieved. From high tribunes constantly sounded very solid figures that have steadily increased both in money and in number of grateful patients and new domestic products, resulting from import substitution in the pharmaceutical industry. But at a Friday meeting in St. Petersburg, suddenly it became clear that the numbers are mostly exist only on paper and has nothing to do with the real state of Affairs in the country. “Budget money (which is 380 billion rubles annually. — “MK”) slipping through the fingers, and most importantly — not all beneficiaries receive the necessary drugs”, — Putin said, noting that in some regions the authorities have no idea how many residents are eligible for discounted software and how it is used.

With an the President had a folder with information on all subjects of the Russian Federation. But he chose to publicly condemn no one, noting that personal debriefing will be held without the press.

Broad strokes of the picture painted by the head of state, as follows. The number of essential drugs for free to residents, even in neighbouring regions varies significantly. Somewhere in the list of all 180 stations, around 300, and 500 — despite the fact that the Federal list has 734 of the drug. Naturally, costs per beneficiary are also significantly different between “best” and “worst” subjects — seven times. “It is no good. As a result, the beneficiaries are often forced to pay for medication out of pocket. If you get discounted prescriptions, but somewhere just pay. And indignation at this state of Affairs is absolutely justified”, — said the President.

Another widespread problem is the purchase of drugs from a single supplier. According to the President, usually orders go to either a local unitary enterprises, or affiliated with the local authorities commercial structures. And those other artificially inflate prices. In the end, purchased less medication or do not those drugs that the patients need.

Governors in response speeches complained primarily to lack of funding. Democracy — specifically the opportunity for citizens who are Federal benefit recipients, to abandon certain free medicines in favor of monetary compensation from the regional budget — has played a cruel joke with them. “Drugs from the list, no one takes, they all want money, and the possibility of different regions”, — said the Governor of the Ivanovo region Stanislav Voskresensky.

Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova said of the 15.6 million Federal beneficiaries of the drugs for cash payments declined 12.4 million According to her, now in the sphere of pharmaceutical provision there are two seemingly conflicting tendencies. On the one hand, medicines in the regions of the beneficiaries is not enough. Sometimes the most needed — such as test strips for diabetes. But on the other hand, the warehouses full of expired medical products. Vladimir Putin suggested that it may be collusion: customers knowingly purchased from affiliated suppliers that they wanted to sell them, not thinking about the demand. “From 20 to 40% of the budget goes to drugs from the commercial segment, are not included in the Federal list” — looking to the help, the President said.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, such situations should “absolutely stop”. “In all regions must have the same list of essential drugs, which are approved at the Federal level and prices are regulated. This is essential from the point of view of mortality,” she said.

Skvortsova added that one has to be not only a list of medications and the registry of beneficiaries, which will unite Federal and regional segments. It is unlikely to cause citizens to abandon monetary compensation, but at least the state for the same set of social services will not have to pay twice.

Unfortunately, none of those present at the meeting did not explain: why do Federal exempts bulk refuse free drugs? People living in poverty, he would accept any additional income? Or drugs, approved at the Federal level, are ineffective and have “side effects”?

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