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Putin has told, in which case he will push the nuclear button

Путин рассказал, в каком случае нажмет на ядерную кнопкуThe Russian President surprised a bold statement.

Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov took about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s movie called “the world Order 2018”.

In it Putin, among others, answered the question about the reality of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia.

“I want to tell you and want to know about it abroad that our application of the theoretical, I hope that this will never happen, this so-called retaliatory strike. What does it mean? This means that the decision to use nuclear weapons can only be taken in the case, if our warning system missile attack will lock not only the launch of missiles (in the direction of Russia – Approx.Ed.) but will give an accurate forecast of time of flight and the time of the fall of warheads on the territory of the Russian Federation”, – said Putin.

“I mean, if someone decided to destroy Russia, then we have every right to respond, he said. – Yes, for the world it will be global. But as a citizen of Russia and as head of state, I want to ask the question: why do we need such a world, if it isn’t Russia?”.

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