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Putin has demanded to involve in the fight against the virus, NBC troops and the medical service of the armed forces

От Путина потребовали привлечь к борьбе с вирусом войска РХБЗ и медслужбу ВС

Environmental Commission of the Moscow region (ICMR) created a petition on the website that requires to take adequate measures to combat coronavirus in Russia.

It is noted that in terms of biological threats needs to be involved the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The authors of the petition contend, why experts NBC to help fight the epidemic abroad and still not that active at home.

“The main purpose of the NBC protection Troops of the Russian armed forces is to organize the protection of forces, populations and objects in the rear from radiation, chemical and biological hazards in both peace and wartime, and the security of property of NBC protection,” reads the petition addressed to the President and the Supreme commander Vladimir Putin and defense Minister and the attorney General.

In addition, the fight against the virus, call medical service of the armed forces, which ensures the readiness of the army in terms of military conflicts and other emergency situations.

“The system of military medicine Russian Ministry of defense employs more than 100 thousand medical professionals, including about 23 thousand doctors. The medical service consists of 70 military medical organizations, to health care to which are attached more than 4 million people”, — the authors of the petition.

The appeal States that today to combat the coronavirus have to attract non-core professionals and even students who are not always provided with quality protection.

The authors recall that in March 2020 to help the Italian authorities were sent to the laboratory RHB, eight cars and 66 of treating military personnel. 4 APR eleven Russian military planes arrived in Serbia to help in the fight against coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that the certificate coronavirus infection COVID-19 will become mandatory for those wishing to fly from Moscow to Beijing. As reported by the Embassy of China in Russia, a certificate will demand from passengers from 8 may.

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