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Putin has become a prisoner of his own system

Путин стал пленником собственной системы

Old skills, decisions and habits are driving not only a leader, but also the entire hierarchy in a situation which they cannot control.

A symbol of our current political cycle counting went exactly a year ago, with the presidential vote on March 18, 2018, is the story of a girl named Taci from the Pskov region. Tasia wrote to Putin, asking to help financially her little family, but instead of happiness, he got into trouble.

Public display of a girl who asks for the gift of the President, has become one of the favorite patterns of our state propaganda. In the next TV the girl always get what you want. Replays did not hesitate. Is it any wonder that in the end the story began to live my own life?

On the one hand, for all girls mini-tractors will not be enough. And on the other, the hackneyed opening sentence of this minor history, combined with an unusual sequel made her a news on a national scale. And only now we are seeing a belated attempt to take losing control of the situation — with the involvement of the Pskov Governor, the Investigative Committee of Russia and the presidential press Secretary.

The first year of Putin’s current term all. The long-familiar and even standard actions are performed as if in the automatic mode, however, unlike in the past, driven our leadership — and with it, it should be noted, and the country — into one dead end after another.

Foundation “Liberal mission” has just published a rather gloomy report on the past year, expressive called “the Fortress grows in the ground”: “Strategy can be defined as “deep ripping” — preparing for a long confrontation of external and internal challenges…” are Agreeing with this, I will add that the “digging” mode is performed quite randomly in order to adapt to a variety of setbacks and surprises with which it is faced over and over again, trying to “solve the problem” the usual ways.

Take the so-called incidents “skipalsky” and “Kerch”. With all their differences, they are similar, in that the Russian secret services in both cases did nothing wrong, I did not do before. But in the global climate 2018, this created two waves of sanctions, the first of which was perhaps the most significant in the entire postkrymsky five years. Our mode definitely didn’t expect this and nothing but “digging”, i.e. further care in isolation, and failed to answer.

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Or that the retirement revolution. No urgent material needs was not in it. But Putin gave him a stroke, mistakenly thinking the beginning of the presidential cycle is a convenient time to start, and immediately became a slave of this reform.

He obviously did not have the mechanisms to make it more reasonable, or at least convince the Russians that they need. Because the propaganda machine has turned into a costly relic of the past. She’s not even trying to pretend to be truthful and just ignored people when it comes to their worldly interests. Had to come to terms with the fact that the installation speech of Putin with small amounts of material indulgences began to be perceived by the masses as a part of everyday propaganda stream, and with it ceased to have effect. It was discovered in August and was confirmed in February.

Therefore, with pension reform and all the other “unpopular measures” the first year of six-year-old the question was not how to make them convincing for the masses, but only to prevent the exit of people into the streets. The strengthening of the repressive nature of the regime — a sign that other tools don’t work anymore. From time to time they try to indulge in, but nothing comes out.

Tragicomic act on the protection of the item from “indecent” about her opinions is, among other things, the recognition of the Supreme authority of their own inability to give the ruling class a handsome appearance. Years of taming this class regime led to the fact that the open hostility of the people has become the only outlet for the privileged strata. The leader powerless to deal with this fact. So he has to assume that a retaliatory dislike bottoms to the tops to grow and prepare punishment for the offenders.

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In other parts of the same. Putin has become a prisoner of Putinism — built system, which has long looked successful.

Its since the first days of the reign of the centralization of power and grinding power vertical natural order led to mass planting in the regions and cities Treasury appointees. With a special energy, this process was in 2016 and 2017. in 2018, the number finally turned into quality. The September elections last year, has become the greatest crisis of vertical in the last fifteen years. Even relatives to the authorities, the experts cautiously reported that in half of the cases the Vikings-“technocrats” only worsen the situation in the places of their deployment. However, despite some zigzags, mode, and there is the same course, although Lavrov, it seems, is not waiting.

To continue the old game, even a pointless and losing — this is a universal approach to all situations.

What points can we expect from further support Assad or, say, Maduro? No. But support them.

Was a long and tenacious illusion that to attach Belarus is, first, extremely winning action, and second, the task is technically simple. It seems in recent months and it became clear that the only real way to find Belarus is what they call in business a hostile takeover, with all its losing effects. But signs of deceleration as it is not visible. Even straightforward, Moscow’s Ambassador Mikhail Babich publicly Selimitsa and boycotted in a friendly country.

What a frenzied campaign against Poroshenko? Why is it so incredibly important that it has ceased to be Ukrainian President? And uneasy. Here is a little logic and understanding of a neighboring state — even less.

The first year of its current presidential cycle Vladimir Putin rules as a prisoner of his own political inheritance. This does not mean that there was no change. They lacked. Because this inheritance in a growing conflict with reality. For saving it you have to sacrifice a lot. First and foremost, the interests of the country.

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