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Putin congratulated the Russians on New year and wished them peace.

Путин поздравил россиян с Новым годом и пожелал им мира.

Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to Russians with congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of New 2020. New year message of the head of state was first able to see the residents of Anadyr and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. There the New year has come 15:00 GMT.


According to Putin, today the country lives in the turbulent, dynamic and controversial time, but, he said, the Russians can do everything to Russia was successfully developing. He emphasized that the personal plans of the Russians and their dreams are inseparable from Russia. “From the efforts and contributions of each of us depends on the present and the future, the future of our children. Only together can we solve the problems facing the society and country. Our unity is the basis to achieve all the high goals,” he said.

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The President noted that in the coming year will mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, congratulated the new year celebrations of veterans and home front workers, older people, “all who passed through the ordeal for us, for the future of our Motherland.” “Low bow to you!”, — added the head of state.


The President wished that “the happiness of understanding” helped to overcome all difficulties, unite generations.

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“Let the parents be healthy and always feel your attention, and each child knows that he is the favorite,” added the President. According to Putin, despite the many things that need to be done before the New year, the main is the warmth of human relations and companionship.


“New year is knocking on the door. We wish each other and our country peace, welfare and prosperity. With a holiday! With the New, 2020!” — concluded the President.

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