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Putin commented on the statement of Yulia Skripal

У Путина прокомментировали заявление Юлии Скрипаль In Russia, need to check this appeal.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the statement of Yulia Skripal, who together with his father in early March, was poisoned in British Salisbury require validation, to ensure that they are made voluntarily. This was said in an interview with NTV television.

“Until now, the British side is not complied with the Vienna Convention. So far Russia has not received consular access to Yulia Skripal. We can’t be sure what condition she is, is she some kind of pressure where she is, whether she was doing any statements and whether she was doing these statements on their own,” said Sands.

He added, need to check how the video Skripal may be true, it isn’t a provocation against Russia.

“Passed through somebody one piece of information, how it can be true and how it can cause trust is a very big question. Given that this comes against the backdrop of a giant…provocations of the British side”, – said Peskov.

A similar opinion was expressed in the Russian Embassy in the UK.

“Were happy to see Yulia Skripal in good health. Read her statement contains new information. However, the video only heightens our concern about the conditions in which it is contained. Obviously, she read out a pre-written text. Moreover, according to a number of turnovers, it was the English, and the original was composed by a native speaker,” – said in a statement on the website of the Embassy.

It is noted that with respect to private life of Julia and the interests of her security, “the video does not absolve the UK authorities from their obligation of Consular conventions.”

“The United Kingdom has a responsibility to give us the opportunity to talk with Julia directly to make sure that it is not held against her will and not making statements under pressure. So far we have every reason to suspect the opposite”, – summed up in the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Previously Julia Skripal recorded a video message in which he declared his unwillingness to take advantage of the assistance offered by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the UK.

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