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Putin came up with a new plan to bypass the “Minsk”.

Путин придумал новый план в обход «Минска», - экспертThe expert told about the new Putin’s plan on Donbas.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has realized that to push Minsk it was not possible. So now he is looking for other ways out.

This was stated by military expert Oleg Zhdanov in an interview with “Apostrophe”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Putin understands that the pressure from the outside he can not influence. In Syria to turn the tide in their favor, to dictate to US any terms and sit down with them at the negotiating table with any trump in the hand, failed. Best friend Erdogan has denied Russian forces just banned the passage through the Bosphorus of dual-use goods, than left the Russian troops in Syria without fuel, ammunition and food. Putin understands that it is necessary to find a new way and find an alternative,” explains the expert.

He added that now the head of the Kremlin will try to “stick” Donbass Ukraine. That intention is the fact that Russia recognized the “documents” breakaway “republics”, while the other occupied the Kremlin and the breakaway territories use Russian documents, and local.

Another fact – the so-called “nationalization” of enterprises terrorists. According to experts, the Kremlin is trying to create some kind of economy.

“When they form these two subjects, namely two, of the “new Russia” will not, they will say: guys, your territory, your people? – Pick up,” predicts Zhdanov.

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