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Putin came to the rally in honor of himself

Путин пришел на митинг в честь себяRussian President Vladimir Putin came to the Moscow “Luzhniki” in the election meeting “For strong Russia”, which was organized by his staff.

Putin made a welcome speech and sang the Russian national anthem together with the audience at the rally great performers and athletes.

“We have all seen, remember how our guys are hockey players after winning medals at the Olympics, sang the national anthem, but for some reason we could not hear the music. Let’s do it together with the music of our national anthem!” — said Putin.

The organizers estimated the number of participants in more than 100 thousand people. According to the correspondent of “Medusa”, after Putin’s speech some people gathered around the stadium and watching what is happening on the stadium screens, began to disperse. By the end of the event, the bleachers emptied by about half.

Recall, hockey game and a concert of the singer Christmas Tree in the ice Palace of St. Petersburg suffered in connection with the rally in support of Putin.

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