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Putin announced the reduction of pressure on business

Путин объявил о снижении давления на бизнес

Unscheduled inspections should not take longer than 10 days, and they should not be more than 30 percent of the number planned. Need to limit myself checked, and in addition, to adjust the issue with the prolonged maintenance of businessmen under guards – if there is no active investigation, the release of detainees from custody. This was stated by the President at the meeting in the Amur region.

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev has reminded that in the far East is not only the largest project but still more than 750 more not on such a large scale. “The administrative burden hinders economic growth”, – he stated. According to him, 80 percent of entrepreneurs, investors subject to inspections in the first year, including unscheduled.

Vice-Premier has prepared proposals on reduction of administrative pressure on business. Vladimir Putin has already considered. “It is very important for the country as a whole,” he said. The pressure is often completely redundant, I agree with the President. This is to say all the time, made a lot of decisions and they work, but as practice shows – they are not enough.

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Unscheduled inspections are conducted without coordination with the Prosecutor’s office, continued the head of state proposed to limit their number does not exceed 30 percent of the number scheduled, except in emergency situations. The timing of the inspections should be no more than 10 days. “They last indefinitely: it must be stopped”, – he explained.

Have something to do with the very subject of unscheduled inspections, it should be restricted to the facts constituting the grounds for its holding, said the head of state. “Know how practice is… Test everything,” he commented.

Another very sensitive issue – the use of detention. A special law provides a special procedure for the adoption of measures providing for investigation in relation to entrepreneurs. But the law enforcement agencies, Putin said, often avoid this article and to prosecute on other grounds, including fraud. “The investigation is very long, – he stated. – The question needs to be adjusted”.

Often when applying to the court for extension of custody not present convincing evidence that the investigation actually conducted, the President continued. And decided: if there are no active actions for the conduct of the investigation, the arrested entrepreneurs are released from detention. “It is necessary to work out and the Supreme court and Prosecutor General’s office and, if necessary, to amend the law,” he said.

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“It is important that decisions were taken quickly,” – said the head of state. “I think reasonable and very important to exclude the application of the investigation measures, including suspension of work of enterprises, including seizure of hard drives,” said Putin. It is possible to make copies and to certify, he said.

Another instruction was given by the President of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov “with his team” should be given the right to represent the interests of entrepreneurs in court. “If necessary, it is also possible to prescribe in the law,” he said. We are talking not about collective claims, and on the protection of the interests of particular businessmen. “I hope it will make a definite positive in the cases connected with entrepreneurial activity”, – concluded the head of state.

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