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Putin again made a fool of because of low growth

Путина снова обсмеяли из-за низкого ростаPutin repeatedly mocked.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has once again become an object of ridicule because of its low growth. This follows from the comments under the post journalist of the Kremlin pool policy division of Dmitry Smirnova on Twitter a photo of the President meeting with Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz.

“In my opinion, not that Kurtz called, judging by the photos. Kurz – “short” in German. You have Kurtz right”, – sneer in the comments.

“He had time before or after the signing of the law on pension robbery? Or first Poltavchenko fired, then the law was signed in passing, and then Kurtz went for a walk?”, stated in another comment.

“It was necessary to close the Hermitage for three days..”, – complain in the network.

“Well, at least the Hermitage, washed, and then all in all that dust is” – noted in the comments.

“Recruiting…),” recalled KGB-esque past continuous head of the Kremlin.

Путина снова обсмеяли из-за низкого роста

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