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Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Every person who has ever used a mobile phone is familiar with push notifications. Some people for some reason believe that they are a relatively new invention, although in fact they appeared at the beginning of the 21st century, to be more precise, in 2003.

In addition, classic SMS messages are also one of the varieties of push notifications, but this is often forgotten.
Push notifications in the modern sense were created in 2009 by Apple, and by 2014 there were also network notifications. At the moment, absolutely every company that is engaged in activities related to the development of software, electronics, etc., owns this technology.

What are push notifications?

The technology is used to form an instant connection between the user and the software that is installed on electronic devices for various purposes.

Push notifications are actively implemented for effective engagement. They can, for example, notify about the release of updates in applications, about the release of new versions of programs, about special offers from online stores or delivery services, about new publications in blogs, and many other things. Sometimes advertising is distributed in this way.
This is done in order to arouse the location and interest of users, to form a more loyal attitude by establishing a communication relationship using a user-friendly interface.

A standard push notification consists of several basic elements: a title, a visual component to attract attention, text, and a link to go to (the architecture is the same for any device). There are three main types of notifications, depending on the nature of the message they contain:
Content-related notifications. They provide general information that might be of interest to the user. For example, about discounts or promotions.
Notifications that are aimed at motivation. They can contain greetings, inform about the achievement of goals in applications, etc. Also, this type includes messages about the actions of other users, for example, that one of your friends posted a new post.

Transaction notifications. This includes money transfers, money transfers to the account, and changes in the status of orders. This type of notification is more business-like than the others.

The operating system constantly maintains a background connection to the server. The device’s memory is not overloaded, and the battery charge is not consumed much. There is a special application for displaying notifications-MNS (Material Notification Shade).

IOS VS Android
The main difference is that on Android push notifications come by default, while on iOS they are initially blocked, and users do not always turn them on.
The mechanisms of operation are also slightly different. For example, on iOS, you can open the notification by swiping to the right, and on Android, using swipes, notifications, on the contrary, are closed.
In IOS, alerts are grouped by app and time, and on Android, the principles of grouping are not always clear at all.


Thus, push notifications are an integral part of modern electronic devices. They are quite useful, because they allow you to establish a kind of virtual dialogue with users.

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