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Purify the blood and lymph will help this vegetable

Очистить кровь и лимфу поможет этот овощAncient Tibetan recipe for longevity with the use of garlic, which is also called the elixir of youth, became topical again.

Recent scientific studies have shown that the functioning of the human body depends on the purity of blood and lymph, to purify the cells of these connective tissues is possible by means of conventional garlic.

According to scientists, the recipe really cleanses the blood and lymph, lasts for five years, then the course must be repeated.

Doctors warn that this youth elixir can be used not all, it is contraindicated to pregnant women, lactating mothers, children and motorists. Also it is impossible to use for people with mental disorders suffering from diseases of the stomach and intestines, and also in pathologies of other organs.

Experts said that the Tibetan garlic tincture effectively deals with fat and calcium deposits in the blood vessels, normalizes metabolism and restores the internal tone. Vessels, cleansed of toxins, become elastic, driving the blood faster, thus rejuvenating the body. All this cannot but affect the activities of the brain, cardiovascular system and other internal organs, which as if by agreement, begin to work “on hurrah”. That is why garlic tincture was unanimously recognized as the elixir of youth.

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