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Pure fun: and effective methods of contraception

Чистое удовольствие: эффективные методы контрацепцииContraceptive methods are many: the taste and purse of everyone, but which ones are the best.

When it comes to contraception, the first thing that comes to mind is a condom.

However, methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy, there are many, each of them has its advantages. Experts picked up 5 alternatives to condoms.


The most effective method of contraception with a reliability of 99.9%. Women are sterilized by tubal ligation, male vasectomy method. However, the main disadvantage of this type of contraception is efficacy. If after a while you want children, you will not succeed.

Oral contraceptives

Reliability of pills is estimated at up to 99.7%. They comprehensively affect the female reproductive system by hormones and inhibit ovulation. In addition, they reduce the risk of infectious diseases and reduce blood loss during menstruation. It is important that different pills contain different dosages and combinations of hormones.

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Intrauterine contraception

The reliability of the spiral and the hormonal system varies from the 99.2 to 99.8%. The spiral is a kind of barrier that prevents attachment of a fertilized egg in the uterus. Hormonal system allocates a certain amount of the hormone which suppresses sperm motility.

Among the disadvantages of the spiral – increased risk of inflammation, painful menstruation and the risk of ectopic pregnancy. In turn, the hormonal system is not suited to women who are planning in the near time of conception, because it put to 5 years.

Hormonal patch or ring

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The reliability of these noninvasive methods is about 92%. The disadvantage of this method of contraception is that hormonal patch is noticeable and should be changed every week. In turn, the vaginal ring changed every month, but its use may affect the nature of the menstruation and also cause various side effects.


Chemicals in the form of vaginal plugs, creams, tablets and capsules. Such contraceptives are destroying the membrane of the sperm. The effectiveness of the method – not more than 70%. The disadvantage of spermicides is that they require constant introduction of before intercourse. Moreover, they often can cause irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane and vaginal candidiasis.

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