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Pupation of Russia in the world there is a decent pace. The latest example of the Service of citizenship

Окукливание России в мире идет достойными темпами. Последний пример — Служба гражданства

Pupation of Russia in the world there is a decent pace. The latest example of the office of citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) closed its office in Moscow in late March of this year.

“Due to a significant reduction in the workload of the USCIS permanently closes an office in Moscow on 29 March 2019. February 28 is the last day the office will be open for applications,” reads a message posted Wednesday on the Agency’s website.

Forever! “Patriots” have something to open a bottle of bubbly. Only now is there a reason for joy, really?

I remember well the so-called dashing 1990s, when the journalism has been, in fact, a revolution, largely thanks to our former citizens who escaped from the Scoop to the West, and returned after years back from the essential experience of modern journalism, which they shared with the young people. It was a phenomenal stage of development of journalism in Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union, no other sphere of society and the profession, well, maybe except for trade, couldn’t keep up with her. And it’s not even that from abroad were introduced new technologies, including the then only nascent in the world of electronic media. In the USSR and Russia came new moral standards of journalism. For example, he did not see, don’t say that it was.

And it happened because of “defectors” who had returned with the Luggage of new knowledge. In normal countries, it is the development of productive forces, technology and, consequently, the economy of the state.

But as time goes on. Paradoxically, today, the above mentioned liberal journalistic principles devalued not only us, but also in the West, where they long and hard formed. Fake-news — planetary reality.

But this is not a reason again to pupate and closed from the outside world. Those countries that did, including Russia, for its citizens, their sense of self and life, anything good from this did not receive.

And I think that fake news journalists and the society quickly deal not with us, where historically the norm, and on the same West, despite their the collapse of morals and other symptoms of degeneration according to our propaganda. And then, in 10 years, will come to us from there, the pioneers of modern journalism and will teach again obvious. And we will be celebrating freedom. In General, according to Ecclesiastes: everything is already there!

Or not to be — after all, USCIS is closed. Although the example of the USSR shows that the iron curtain for truly free person does not exist.

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