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Punch home: what to pay attention

Перфоратор для дома: на что обратить вниманиеThe punch is useful in everyday life thing, and for those who have walls in houses of brick or concrete, is indispensable. The usual drill even impact mechanisms likely will not cope with such material. But which tool to purchase – professional or domestic, light or heavy, not an easy task.

Places to buy in Ukraine the punch of a decent quality?

On the website you will notice a wide range of stressed and unstressed devices. To see the models in more detail – go to the desired punch and compare the features and capabilities. In the directory there are both household and professional tools. Among the buyers the most popular known brands like Bosch, Makita, Stern, Hitachi, etc.
The service “New mail” will deliver the purchase in any settlement of Ukraine; in Kiev at the order for the amount of 1000 UAH the delivery is free.

Перфоратор для дома: на что обратить внимание

What characteristics are important to consider?

The punches are divided into three classes:
• Lightweight with a weight of 4 kg and less. These are more likely to buy for the house to drill holes in the walls.
• Medium weight 5 to 8 kg. In terms of functionality are considered “more serious” – the force of the blow to 8 j, capable of smoothing the irregularities of the concrete, to break solid lattice.
• Technique heavy class designed for professional use. The weight exceeds 8 kg, to cope with any surface.

When choosing a punch is considered the force of the blow. This is a defining characteristic and is measured in Joules. From the force of impact depends on the immersion depth of the drill into the material. For domestic use the 2 j, if less, the device will operate according to the principle of drill. Also note the fastening system of the bore, which affects the reliability and behavior of the device in the process. There are three retention system: SDS PLUS, SDS MAX, SPLINE. Often the first equipped with household tools, they are able to make a hole no deeper than 3 cm.

The number of operating modes are also important, there are three. So, a unit with:
• one mode will bore through wood and metal surface, works on the principle of a drill;
• two modes drill all kinds of surfaces and capable at the same time perform the function of “impact drilling”;
• three modes allow you to do all of the above and commit separately without snap shots.

From the ergonomics of the model is its convenience during operation. There are straight shape and curved in the form of the Latin letter “L”. The latter type due to the design of time of continuous operation is longer than the first. They are leading and the life, after all, these models have considerable weight and dimensions, that is uncomfortable to use.

The price of a drill depends on its performance, features, and of course of the manufacturer.

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